CENELEC is the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization.

CENELEC develops electrotechnical standards.


The 30 current CENELEC members are national organizations entrusted with electrotechnical standardization, recognized both at National and European level as being able to represent all standardization interests in their country. Only one organization per country may be member of CENELEC.


The following CENELEC deliverables are available:

Deliverable Description
EN (European Standard) A normative document available, in principle, in the three official languages of CENELEC (English, French and German) that cannot be in conflict with any other CENELEC standard. EN's are the most important deliverable published by CENELEC. Its development is governed by the principles of consensus, openness and transparency, a national commitment to implement it in each and every one of the countries member of CENELEC, its technical coherence regarding both national and European levels.
HD (Harmonization Document) Same characteristics as the EN except for the fact that there is no obligation to publish an identical national standard at national level (may be done in different documents/parts), taking into account that the technical content of the HD must be transposed in an equal manner everywhere.