ISO/IEC JTC1 is the Joint Technical Committee 1 of ISO and IEC.

The scope of ISO/IEC JTC1 is standardization in the field of Information Technology.

Note: Information Technology includes the specification, design and development of systems and tools dealing with the capture, representation, processing, security, transfer, interchange, presentation, management, organization, storage and retrieval of information.


JTC 1 members are National Bodies. There are 40 Participating (P) Members and 42 Observers (O) Members. Other organizations participate as Liaison Members. There are 14 Liaison members Internal to ISO and IEC, and 22 External Liaison members.


The final product of the work conducted within JTC 1 is the published international standard. A JTC1 standard is distinguished by beginning "ISO/IEC" before the number. In addition to this main deliverable, JTC1 develops other standards similar to those developed by ISO.