CEN is the European Committee for Standardization.

CEN works in a large number of sectors, in fact in virtually every area that the partner European Standards Organizations, CENELEC and ETSI, do not.


CEN's National Members are the National Standards Organizations of 30 European countries. There is only one member per country. Associate Members are broad-based European organizations, representing particular sectors of industry as well as consumers, environmentalists, workers, and small and medium-sized enterprises.


The following CEN deliverables are available:

Deliverable Description
European Standards (ENs) In the case of ENs the Members must transpose the final text ratified by vote into national standards – translating them if desired – but without deviation or alteration, and retain the prefix EN in the national designation: e.g. BS EN 1234, NF EN 1234, DIN EN 1234. Thus the number and technical content of the standard are exactly the same throughout Europe.
Technical Specification (CEN TS) Normative document where the state-of-the-art is not yet stable enough
Technical Report (CEN TR) For information and transfer of information
CEN Workshop Agreement For consensual agreements in open workshops